Meet Gina
gina, the photog
gina, the photog

I’m Gina Shuppert, the one behind the camera, and formerly of Gina Miller Photography. I’m proud to have the title of an award-winning child and family professional photographer. I have photographed maternity clients, children, families, babies, newborns, and seniors across Indiana since 2004. I started by photographing my first child, and others starting requesting my photo services. As of now, I have well over 1,500 photography sessions under my belt.

Piper+Claire is a brand new look for me. The name is very important because it comes from my two daughters’ middle names. Side note : I love the boys just as much, their names just didn’t fit into the vision that I had with this site!

I am mesmerized by our kids. I will also be the first to say they can annoy the living daylights out of me! It’s when I sit and look at photos that show how they have changed, that I truly reflect. These four are the ones that have always inspired me when I photograph other children and families. Kids are beautiful, crazy little creatures, and I know all of my clients feel the same way about their crazy little kids as I do about ours. Time is continuously slipping away, and there is nothing we can do about it. The only way to stop it is by pressing the shutter.

My main goal when photographing clients is to connect with your child and portray them as I see them. I mainly shoot in natural light, be it outside or in your home. I like to capture the silliness, spontaneity, and innocence of children. I am somewhat of a dinosaur in this industry – I started back in the day when not many people had websites …. certainly before we all carried a computer in our back pocket. I have always taken pictures for my clients exactly as I would of my own children, minus the yelling! Please explore my photo galleries to see if I am a photographer that meshes with your style and idea of how you would like to capture your family. Do you want to look back at a posed picture of everyone sitting perfectly with forced smiles? Maybe so. I want to look back and remember life as it was : kids being silly, not always perfect, and full of personality.

I am available for travel, and I also do commercial photography  ….. you can check it out HERE.