contest : free session + sushi ….. yeaaaaaaahhhhhh! – indianapolis child photographer

it’s memorial day weekend already!? in celebration of the long weekend, the new website, and warm weather finally being upon us, i am running a free photo session contest / giveaway.

step 1 – make a comment (BY SATURDAY, MAY 31) below with your summer plans for the kids. are you traveling? summer camps? pulling your hair out!? i want to know, so i feel normal.

step 2 – i will pick a random winner to win a FREE photo session WITH DIGITAL IMAGES for this summer. WAHOO!!!!!

step 3 – head over to my FACEBOOK PAGE and enter to win a $75 gift card to Naked Tchopstix …. my favorite!!!

step 4 – have a safe,  LONG weekend and enjoy your family … now, go!



  • Cayla Allison:

    This summer I plan on lots of outdoor time with my little guy.. He loves to be outside! Pool, Zoo, Aquarium, and Thomas the Train (in Connersville) just to name a few. A few hairs will probably be pulled out as well. We would love to win the contest and have our summer family pictures taken by you! =)

  • Laura H:

    Our summer plans include vacation Bible school, outdoor concerts, bike rides, park trips and lots of trips to grandma and grandpa’s lake house! Best part of going to the lake is the extra hands to help with the littles so Mama and Daddy can relax too :)

  • Marcy Westphal:

    My dream for the summer would be to whisk away my husband and 3 girls for an all inclusive getaway that would last all summer. And then i wake up! Most of the summer will be spent working for the weekends. However, every spare second we have will probably be spent camping and hiking. Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and hopefully get some much needed family time.

  • Kori Murphy:

    So excited to be spending a week in Hilton Head, SC with my family. Also, no work for momma this summer = LOTS of fun memories made…swimming, zoo, visiting with friends, playing in the backyard, riding bikes, gardening, etc!

  • Lara VonDielingen:

    Summer will be full of golf activities for my 13 year old twins! Lots of summer tournaments, lessons, and hitting the links for fun! We are also heading to Florida for a beach vacation… favorite place!!! On my list of things to do this summer is have family photos taken, so sure hoping I win!!! Awesome contest Gina!!!

  • Amanda Noah:

    This summer we will be relaxing and enjoying the sun! No vacation plans, just gearing up for the fall as we are expecting #2 :)

  • Catherine Custer:

    This summer we plan on having lots of family fun time in Michigan. Looking forward to boating, hiking, campfires, and memory making!!

  • Meghan:

    We plan to live outside! Lots of swinging on the tree swing, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. We also have plans to visit several of Indiana’s State Parks to camp. We may end up pulling our hair out, but hopefully we make some lasting memories!

  • jackie dowty:

    A mini vacation to visit family but lots of playing in our backyard :)

  • Katie Higdon:

    We plan on taking a family camping trip this June other than that we will be enjoying as much outside time as possible! I think we all need that after the horrible winter we had. Then we will be counting down the weeks and days till we meet baby #2 this fall!! Sounds simple but I’m sure ill be wanting to pull my hair out too!! :)

  • LaTisha Osborne:

    We are busy all summer! Soccer camp, church camp, visit grandma out of state. Not a dull moment!

  • Lana Harves:

    We will be spending the summer getting the girl ready to head off to college. How did that happen?

  • Brittany Kinder:

    We are moving homes, so although it will be an exciting adventure, our summer will be filled with lots of work on the new house and yard. Thea is getting more and more adventurous and loves spending time outdoors, so we will be squeezing as much time doing fun activities outdoors as possible. Last, but not least, our little man, Miles, is turning ONE in August. That is going to be our biggest celebration this summer!! Can’t believe how quickly time passes and children grow! We would love to have you capture the love out little family has for each other. Hope your family has an awesome summer!!

  • tamara lewis:

    We’re taking the boys to Disney World for the first time!! Jay & I both hate crowds, so 8 days of “disney magic” might send us over the edge. Then hoping to squeeze in lots of lake time before school starts again. Hope you guys have a summer of fun, too!

  • Melinda Whitehead Moran:

    So I am really hoping I win this! We will drive to Indy to shoot with you!! I have found no photographer who capture kids in such a great way.
    My summer will consist of taking college courses, my husband will be away with the Army so I will have both littles solo! We are going to visit the zoo, library, museum, catch fireflies, eat way too much ice cream, have picnics, swim and just enjoy ourselves! Hope you will do the same :) take care!!

  • Briana:

    We plan to spend as much time outside as possible. In the flowers, pool, at the lake or even just making up our own fun in the driveway. Pinterest has been our friend for new ideas to entertain the babes. We are just so glad it’s warm!! Yeah sunshine!

  • Nikki R:

    Since we have daylight for up to 19 hours throughout the summer, we plan to spend as much time as possible outside exploring, camping, and playing. Our big summer plans are actually happening next week! We are coming home to Indiana for a few weeks to visit family and friends. Can’t wait to see everyone!
    (Had an opportunity to take a look at the new site…looks great!)

  • Rya Meo:

    We will be on Brookville lake as much as possible and running the kids from camp to camp. Looking forward to a looser schedule.

  • Susie McCorkle:

    Our summer will be full of sports camps, family time, and being outside!

    Susie (Miller) McCorkle

  • Alayne Jones:

    This summer Ruby is turning 2 and will be taking her first airplane ride! We are headed to San Francisco this August to visit with my husbands family. It will be the first time Ruby will be meeting many of them. We are so excited! The rest of the summer will be filled with lots of trips to the park and backyard play. Happy Summer everyone!

  • Allison Clark:

    Summer camps….need I say more?!?!

  • Kim:

    Looking forward to a great summer filled with road trips and making memories with family and friends!

  • Kelly Rose:

    The boys and I have baseball, a trip to Cincinnati, 2 scout camps and 2 other camps. :-) Something I tried last year that I read somewhere was to have a theme for each day of the week during the summer so the kids don’t want to spend the entire summer inside playing video games or complaining that they are bored. Eg: Make something Monday (crafts mostly), Take Off Tuesday ( go do something free like park or geocaching), Wet Wed ( go to pool or sprinkler outside), Think Thursday ( work on homework packet, go to library, etc), and Fun Friday (movies, zoo, etc). The key was not to keep the schedule tight. We let ourselves have some lazy days. :-)

  • Emy:

    I love all my Gina pictures. However, we’ve always done fall pics, and it’s been 2? 3? years?! We are desperate for new pictures and ready to switch it up. I would love summertime pics of our family doing what we love most at our favorite place in the world: fishing, boating, swimming, grilling, s’more eating, and being together at the lake…

  • Courtney Wallace:

    We have a CRAZY summer!!! But, I’ll take a CRAZY schedule while enjoying sun and Popsicle moments! We will head to HHI soon, Basketball tournaments, CC running camps, church camp, and spend some lazy days with family and friends!!!! I’m looking so forward to ALL of it!

  • Allison Crim:

    So, this summer I have decided to take 8 weeks off of work! This will be the first time I have ever done this and I chose to do do because my baby will be going to kindergarten next you and I want to spend every minute I can with him. Oh, and his brothers too. However, Kam and Kyle don’t seem to be as excited about this arrangement :) we have a lot of camps, basketball, golf and baseball planned as well as pool time and plenty of snuggles! But, we could always work in Gina’s amazing photos!!! Btw, kellen may be locked in a closet if he touched Kyle’s Legos ;)

  • Elizabeth Annee:

    I can totally relate to you on the lego dilemma! We make a bucket list each summer for two reasons, one so that my kids become excited about spending an entire summer with their mom and two to prevent boredom from setting in. My top three picks from our bucket list this summer are: Buy a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine and make snow cones (I know you remember those and yes they still sell them), make boats and float them down the creek in our backyard, and visit a local strawberry patch (Ava is completley obsessed with strawberries right now and would eat them for every meal of the day of I let her)! I hope you have a great summe!

  • Sheri Acquisto:

    Travel baseball consumes our summer….so we will be trying to squeeze in all the mandatory “summer activities” between games!

  • Angie Wieneke:

    Hi Gina!! I MISS your photos…….it has been FOREVER since we have had pics taken. This summer will be like many of the others. LOTS of lake time, popsicles, boating, summer camp and me feeling guilty that I’m not cleaning closets, kitchen cabinets or “spring cleaning”. Guess that can be done once the kids are grown and gone, right?!?! :)

  • Christie DeCraene:

    We are thrilled to have the opportunity to keep our kids out of daycare this summer by juggling a crazy work schedule so my husband and I will be able to tag team child care plus throwing in a high school girl to fill the gaps. Planning to have some happy kiddos who can sleep in, stay up late and enjoy summer the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Throw in a couple of lake weekends and BOOM!! Everyone is smiling! Hooray for summer!

  • Katie King:

    Hi Gina! The kids will enjoy summer camps at Conner Prairie and CYT and then we will take our annual vacation to North Carolina!

  • Kristin Crawford:

    My kiddos and I have a “summer bucket list.” Each of us added something to it. Some items we have included have been to visit some of the fun toy stores (VeAches, Imagination Station, and the Mass Ave toy store) and hit up the batting a cages. Our list keeps growing!

  • Krsiti:

    We are off to Washington D.C. the day after school gets out and then to California in August. Throw in a few camps, a trip to Door County and Saugatuck, MI and we’ll call it a summer!

  • Trena Campbell:

    Hi Gina!!!! It’s been too long since we had our family pics taken! We still love then and our canvases are still on our walls! Ellie is 7 now and Caleb is graduating in a week. He wanted to go on a cruise so this summer we are all going on a cruise to the Cayman Islands. We are also taking his girlfriend and his best friend! They are going scuba diving and Ellie gets to swim with the dolphins! We should have taken you so we could have had incredible family vacation pics!!!! Well, maybe we will win a session and we will all be tan from the cruise! I hope you enjoy your summer!

    Love, Trena

  • Kara Scheidler:

    Baseball, baseball, baseball! With Karson playing on two baseball teams and desiring to participate in the local baseball camp and the Cincinnati Reds week-long camp, our summer calendar is filled up with ball! On the days he isn’t playing , Karson begs to be at a ball park, so we will also be spending some time at Great American and Victory Field cheering on our favorite major & minor league teams. To our family, summertime means baseball. We love it!

  • Wendy Mason:

    This summer is extra special because I have one daughter turning one in July and the other is getting ready to start kindergarten. We hope to make some very special memories by spending a week in Michigan and a lot of time doing outdoor activities like the pool, parks, zoo, etc. My oldest will be taking tennis, swim, and gymnastics lessons, which will unfortunately have to be juggled with my husband’s and my busy work schedule. Summer camp at preschool is acting, singing, and dancing, which are right up my daughter’s alley! Looking forward to not being pregnant this summer!!

  • Kristin Charles:

    Nothing too exciting this summer! With a baby coming in November — it will be hopefully somewhat not chaotic — so for the Charles Family — We may try a weekend trip to Chicago or something…then Addison is busy with AAU Basketball – volleyball and basketball camp! Kooper and Karsyn are hoping to not be drug around too much …All three kiddos are hoping for some pool time at Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jeff’s! Mom and Dad have a weekend of concerts in Cincy with the friends in June…Other than that not much! Actually we are just hoping to spend time together and outside as much as possible without the hustle and bustle of the school year! WE just celebrated Karsyn’s first bday and big sis will be 11 in just a couple of weeks! Koop turned 4 in March so finding a way to entertain all could get very interesting! Hope you have a great summer!

  • Jody Arsenault:

    We will do the toddler circuit: zoo, children’s museum, Connor prarie, s

  • Amy:

    Starting the summer off with a girls trip to NYC. Looking forward to spending adult only time with my 5 best childhood friends seeing shows, museums, and shopping. After the trip, the kids will be keeping busy with swim lessons, baseball, fishing, and boating. Planning on taking the kids on some overnight trips to Clifty Falls State Park, Chicago and Lake Michigan. My son plans on sleeping in late mornings as well ;)

  • Melinda:

    Winner, winner chicken dinner????? Hope your summer is off to a good start!