Getting Your Photos OFF Your Phone and Printed

If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely got hundreds of images on your phone and maybe have even gotten the “Cannot Take Photo – there is not enough available storage to take a photo.” message.

We’ve all been there. It’s been said that our kids are living in the most photographed generation of all time. Unfortunately, they are also a generation that will have the least amount of printed photos and tangible albums to look through. I love nothing more than looking through old family albums and I believe our children deserve the same. Let’s change this and print our photos for them now.


Here are some of my favorite companies to help showcase your memories:

My all time favorite way to easily create albums from your Instagram account is a company called Artifact Uprising. The quality is excellent and you can connect your account directly to their site to easily drag and drop images to create an album right from your phone.

Another more affordable option is Chat Books. Also high quality and easy to create books that start at $8!

Are you looking for more help in ways to document your family’s day to day? First, I have a free e-book offering 75+ ideas for capturing the fleeting moments that you can download here. And I’m also offering a new workshop called Mommy Take My Picture where I’ll teach you how to use your DSLR in under 3 hours flat. You can read all about the details here or email me at gina{at} with questions. I’d love to help you learn your camera and more beautifully photograph your family!


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