Indianapolis Tween Best Friend Photos

Today’s Tween Uprising session are Indianapolis tween best friend photos taken this winter. These besties took two fashion trends they’re loving right now and coordinated outfits for their session. The girls had so much fun planning what to wear with texts and face timing to get it all organized. They decided on dresses with cardigans for the first look and a more casual look with a flannels accessorized differently for each girl.

“It was SO fun!!! Being able to take pro pictures was awesome! It was also really fun to have Gina pose us, but she also just let us be ourselves during the shoot. I thought is was really sweet of her to take all of our ideas into consideration no matter how terrible they were! ;) I will always remember this day!” – Peyton

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I love asking the mothers to write something to their daughters after the session is over.

“Peyton is the greatest and most challenging daughter we could have ever hoped to have…she keeps us on our toes, while weirdly allowing us to relax as parents because she has an internal moral compass that seems to naturally point her in the right direction with the choices she makes. It’s a rare gift and try as we might, we haven’t been able to screw that part of her up…luckily she stays the course, even when other paths would be far easier and less anxiety inducing. She makes us feel both proud and undeserving. Thankful doesn’t scratch the surface of how feel about getting to start our parenting adventure off with a kid like Peyton. Our hope for Peyton is that she surrounds herself with friends who are willing to go the extra mile to see what she holds deep on the inside and in return, she shares all that we, as her parents, get to see each day…with the three girls she chose for this session, she’s definitely on the right track. All are fantastic young ladies with big hearts and dozens of interesting traits that can lead to life-long friendships of trust and laughter. Love you more always, Peyt!”

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  • Lydia Gerdts:

    The pics of the girls are GREAT!!! Can I get some of these produced? Audrey’s b-day is February 12th and I’d love to get her some with her friends as a gift and then some of just her to put in our house.
    Thanks again!