Why me, instead of the photographer down the road?

My goal with each photography session is to capture everything in a realistic and true light. I want to capture her soft baby lips, his pudgy, dimpled legs …. and the dimples on her hands that suddenly disappear at some magical age. His long eyelashes and her freckle-covered nose. I love to photograph the connection between parents and their children, and even more so between siblings. I want all kids to be able to look  back and remember these times, because someday, they really WILL love each other! But most of all, I enjoy capturing the humor of children. They are funny little things.

I will not tell your child to say cheese, and I don’t want you to, either. I don’t want your child to feel the need to perform, because trust me, the results are not pretty. In the same breath, I will say that I will not get irritated with a child that is acting goofy. With goofiness comes smiles, so I go along with it. I may ask mom and dad to act silly or dance around like crazy people …. just do it, your kids will love it! The entire photography session will be about having fun. My clients hire me to achieve a look that they like, and I create these photos from families that enjoy laughing together. Come armed with the knowledge that this is an hour or two of just having fun with one another, and not stressing out,  and all will be good. I truly want to capture how your family connects, and all of the little unique personalities that go into that equation. Trust me. I’ve seen it all. Not only with the four little, wild souls that live in our house, but also through photographing families for 10 years.

I have an incredible amount of repeat clients that return year after year …. some of them multiple times each year. I value quality. I get most praises for the color and clarity of my work, along with allowing kids to be kids and going with the flow. I’ve even had a few dads that have enjoyed their session! I know how to work the camera, how to edit, and these things can’t be taken for granted when looking at photographers to choose from today.

  • What will your session include?

    I am not your typical “sit still and say cheese” photographer. Please browse the galleries and see if we’re a good fit. If hired, I will photograph your family from a light-hearted, fun perspective.

    – A one to two hour shoot (typically takes 1-1.5 hrs) at your home, a location of your choice, or outside at my place for your immediate family (add $25 per each additional person)

    – Custom editing of each file displayed in your gallery

    – 50+  images in your online gallery

    – $150 credit to put towards your order (option to order a collection or a la carte)

    session fee | $250 weekday, $300 weekend - $150 goes towards your order (seniors add $50)
  • digital photography collections + prints

    Many folks today want digital files. That’s okay with me, as long as you don’t leave them sitting on your computer. You are investing in making lasting memories that you and your family can ENJOY. You will be making it very hard on little Johnny if he has to weed through years and years of photos on Facebook to look at photos. There are a few collections to choose from, all containing the digital files. You can also purchase a la carte. Once you purchase a collection, you open the door to discounted items …. hooray!

    – digital collections start at $1200 and include all digital files.

    – $150 of your session fee goes towards your order, be it a digital collection or a la carte prints.

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